Open Roads to Play at Nantucket Film Festival!

I'm thrilled to announce that Open Roads will be screening at the Nantucket Film Festival this June. This festival especially means a lot to me because its support of my work as a writer compelled me to fully realize this film. Back in the summer of 2014, Open Roads won Nantucket's Showtime Tony Cox short screenplay award. While we already had the intention to make Open Roads at some point in the future, the award's momentum pushed us to take action. The amazing (I cannot stress how amazing they are) Open Roads team came together and became much more than a cast and crew; they became a family that celebrated triumphs and stood by one another during our trials and tribulations. Without these individuals and their generous dedication, this film quite possibly would only exist on the page. So I'm incredibly excited to present this film at the festival that first gave Open Roads its legs and celebrate this community that champions filmmakers and screenwriters. If you are in the area at the end ofJune, we encourage you to come check out Nantucket's stellar line-up!


Dastaar screens at SXSW!

Thank you to everyone for your support during our three screenings at SXSW! It was an amazing week and we're happy that we were able to connect with so many great artists and see so many innovative films. Thank you to our cast and crew and, of course, SXSW!

Going Om on Scriptnotes!

Mimi's first three pages of Going Om featured on the podcast "Scriptnotes"

A highlight of the episode: 

“This is why I can just say Mimi is a good writer. And we can talk all the time about structure and techniques and what to do and what not to do…You cannot teach this. You cannot teach a feeling for what matters to people. And you cannot teach insight...You’re a smart person who is seeing things. You know how to build moments. Very encouraging. So, bad news is we are now expecting you to do well.” - Craig Mazin